I Really Want to Live in a Cave

Not again. But if I don’t write down what he says, how will I remember it -and laugh? Here goes today’s conversation:

“I really want to live in a cave.”

“Then you would be called a caveman. A lot of guys want to do that.”

“Yes, and I want to eat steak. They eat steak, don’t they?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“I wish I could find a steak.”

He continued, “They wear fuzzy dresses for clothes. I wouldn’t want to wear a fuzzy dress.”

“Hmm, well, they must want to stay covered.”

He giggled, “And some cavemen have bones in their hair. Pretty funny, right?”

I began to wonder if the caveman thing is a dream that all men think about from maybe age three? I know that Bruce has mentioned it a time or two. 🙂

Love my readers, Nealie


  1. SHERREE says:

    When my husband wants to retreat from the world he says he wants to go live in the woods. He often refers to the time he ran away from home at 7 yrs. old. I would think that this is some form of fantasy attachment from the world. Has there ever been any research on the children with detachment disorder and the places they want to go?

    • NealieRose says:

      I think it’s normal for all of us to sometimes want to escape reality, but with most kids, it’s part of playing, (more than it is not wanting to deal with the world). Lilly ran away a lot, and she had Reactive Attachment Disorder. I never could figure out what she was running TO; it was more what she was running FROM. At least, that is my thought. You can read more about Lilly in Chasing Lilly, available on Amazon. Thanks for your comment!

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