Let Me Tell You what THAT is!


I celebrated Thanksgiving a month early this year, and the turkey was too big for the crock-pot. (Who does a turkey in a crock-pot?)

Zip-ties to the rescue, along with some rocks. I had no intention of taking a picture (or blogging) when I started the turkey project this morning, but it was too weird to ignore.

And that’s what self-care sometimes looks like. Not like the zip-strips and rocks, but like weird.

I’m not doing the traditional Thanksgiving this year. I need a break from all the family drama. Not having anyone over. Not going to anyone’s house. Just staying home and being THANKFUL for some peace, lol!

Does self-care mean you don’t love others? No.

Does self care mean you are selfish? No.

It means you know when you can’t take any more without snapping, and so you do what you have to do to be sane.

I am sane. And I am thankful. And God is good. All the time.




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