Individual Educational Plans (IEP)

This was mentioned in an early post, but with the school year up and running, you may know someone who has a child who will be needing an IEP due to learning difficulties. An IEP can help ensure a child’s success in school. Lilly Angel had one, and it was a great time to meet the teacher and school personnel, and work together on her learning program. Pass this on to them. Just click on the link.

A thought for today:  If you know someone with a special-needs child, see what you can do to make just one day in their life easier. Cook a meal, or call and ask if you can run an errand for them. If you don’t feel that you could handle the child alone, then offer to go over and entertain the child while the parent escapes to mow the lawn or rake leaves -or read in the bedroom. They would be nearby if there was an emergency, and it would allow them a bit of an escape to clear their head and recharge.

Think of those with adult special needs children as well. A child who never really grows up can be such a drain physically and emotionally.

Look around you.  💡  -Nealie

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  1. helena phillips says:

    Good Morning Nealie, We were just discussing yesterday what a help it would be to have our great granddaughter over even for an hour or so. A help I mean to her dad and grandmother. I hope it happens but I won’t attempt it on my own.


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