Is it Truth or Fiction?


First I will say that Lilly never lies about everyday stuff (like what, when, where), for a normal routine day. She states the facts.

Next, I will concede that she enjoys telling new people made-up and entertaining things. (Like she used to be a drug addict or that I raise pet skunks.)

Then there are stories that she tells me about things gone awry in her life. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with what she tells me. I ask myself did that really happen? If I reported everything she said, nobody would take me seriously. This balance is so hard for me.

Most of Lilly’s stories are true, but it’s so hard to tell sometimes. Can anybody relate? One time she told me that someone sat on her because she was acting out and injured her. I listened, and decided it was an exaggeration because she was mad at a caregiver.

I was wrong. We later found out (after a few days of complaining of pain and an x-ray), that Lilly had a broken bone. I should have reported it at the time she told me.

And then there is also one more type of fact vs. fiction that we run into with Lilly. There have been some times where she was in a manic mode and didn’t realize what she did or broke, and vehemently denied doing what she clearly did, because she didn’t remember doing it.

I would never classify Lilly as a liar because she is mostly truthful, but there certainly are times that require mental sifting and deliberation.

Love my readers,