Is the Fortune Wrong?


It wasn’t on Thanksgiving, but we did get our Chinese food. ūüôā I thought my¬†fortune cookie paper was ALL wrong, though. “The greatest effort is not concerned with results.”

I wonder what Michelangelo would have thought of that while he worked on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Or to make it a little more personal, what about the person who is busting their butt to try to get into shape? Not concerned with results?? Or training for a race?¬†Trying for an¬†essay award? To simply cook a nice meal for the family? Who doesn’t care that their laundry results are good? We all like clean clothes.

I know when I worked with Lilly (and still work with her), that I work with the hope of results -maybe small ones, but I cannot stop hoping and expecting.

And then there are the parents of severely handicapped kids, who put out day-after-day, week-after-week, year-after-year. What if there never will be any results? What if that child is basically a vegetable, and there never will be any change? Maybe that’s what this fortune is talking about, because¬†LOVE¬†is the only thing that can¬†be at the center¬†of the greatest effort not concerned with results.

Put that in your fortune cookie,



  1. Sherree Rummer says:

    I put that in my Google search bar. What it seems to be saying is to enjoy life along the way and to not let bad thoughts creep in with the task at hand. Thirsty and you want to quench your thirst but your mind says this is too cold or too warm. You’re putting a lot of unnecessary effort into the task, learn to block it all out and focus on a quiet peaceful mind? I think this Buddha teaching may be saying don’t put so much negative energy into getting to the results?…not sure. My husband says it is not the end of the journey but the journey itself. Would love to hear other readers comments.

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