Is Your Child Really Hungry?

Taking Care of Children by Ari Kuzmik

Three-year-old Nick was whining about being hungry.

After hearing “I’m hungry” for the fifth time, his father said, “Well Buddy, what do you want?”

“I want hugs. I want hugs in my tummy.”

Nick found himself showered with hugs from everyone in the family!

I am proud of my son-in-law for asking Nick what he wanted, rather than throwing him a snack. And because he did, Nick had his true need met.

I think this speaks loudly to all of us.

Slow down.

Ask a question.

Listen for the answer.

And hug!

🙂 Nealie

PS The drawing is by Ari Kuzmik!



  1. Sherree Rummer says:

    I can see the title of a new book: How to Lose Weight on a 3 year Old’s Diet Plan. Perhaps if we would just express that we need a hug or reach out and give one, we might not reach for the food that we use to fill the emptiness, frustration, loneliness, etc. that we are feeling at the time.

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