Just Like the Emperor

I recently bought a pair of athletic shoes for Bruce because they looked nice and had tags that said, “Reflective.”

reflective tag
Nice Tag!

While he was checking them out, he was also impressed by the tags that advertised the special feature.

I felt that they were a great purchase until I took them in a room that had no windows, and nothing glowed. It was just dark in there.

Bruce commented that they must not glow, but reflect the light, and went to get a flashlight to demonstrate. Nothing reflected, either. Those shoes were JUST THERE.

After looking at them and trying to figure it out, Bruce tried to make me feel better by saying that the shoes HAD to be reflective, but maybe the lighting wasn’t just right, etc.

We looked at the shoes and willed them to be reflective, or glow, or something.

Then I realized that we were just like the Emperor -you know, the one who was conned into believing that he had on a fabulous set of clothes, when in fact he was naked?

The only thing about those shoes that was reflective was the tag. I had a hard time cutting off the laughter. (If Lilly had been there, I think that she would have set us straight.)

It’s good to see the positives in situations, but don’t lean too much toward the ridiculous!   😀 -Nealie