Kids Creating Stories at The Computer

For a creative thinking activity that will keep your kids busy for a while, try setting them up with a blank document at the computer, and have them write a story. It can be of a vacation memory, something that happened to them, or a made-up, wild and crazy story.

Give a word count goal, and tell them that you are looking forward to reading it . They can see how many words they have typed on the word-counter, so they won’t have to actually count them. Read the story with enthusiasm when they are done, and save it to go back to read again. If you can print it out, that’s even better.

Don’t stress them out with over-correcting spelling and font size or set-up at this point, because you want to create a desire in them to write again.

What is completed is a written memory, and may very well inspire a love of writing. Computer skills will be developed over time as your child returns to write more (story) documents.

We have had fun doing this, and pictures can be added to the words and put together like a book in a binder. The ZBook, and Bella,the Dancing Beetle are picture books that Arianna and I have worked together on, and actually published. Click on the link to see samples of them. She may not make much money doing it, but boy, she sure has made a memory! -Nealie



  1. helena phillips says:

    I couldn’t bring the Z story up, will have to wait until Donna is over. But I am anxious to see and read it. Love, Gram

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