One beautiful spring when Torie was a few months old, Joy, who was almost four, would stand at the screen door and watch people walking by.

Adelaide 2012

I remember that I was quite preoccupied with the baby, meals, laundry, and keeping things picked up.

Joy watched one lady in particular with interest. The woman walked by every nice day, pushing a baby stroller.

Joy had her face pressed to the screen one hectic day as the lady walked by with the stroller yet again. “Mommy, can we go for a walk?”

“No, I don’t have time, Joy.”

I glanced over at her looking out at the woman and stroller, and heard her quietly comment, “That lady has time.”

Everything suddenly stopped for me. I realized that I was totally missing something important for lesser things.

Tears ran down my face as I gathered her for a hug by the screen and sniffed, “Get your jacket and shoes. We are going for a walk!”

Take someone you love for a walk.  💡 -Nealie


  1. helena phillips says:

    Sometimes I pine to fall in line
    With the walkers and the talkers
    But to God I give thanks
    Tho’ I can’t go with Wanks
    I can step, step, step to the garden. Gram

  2. lonnie rummer says:

    Had that same ah ha moment a couple of months ago. My husband was working 13 hr days and I was working full time. I would make any errands in town that needed made after work and then head home. I found myself rushing to mow our acre and 1/2, do laundry, housework, yard work, make supper and and make his lunch for the next day. He’d come home, take a shower and eat and 1/2 hr. later it was time for him to go to bed so he could start over. I was in rush mode each day he would get home from work.

    I was rushing all for his sake so everything would be done and he could go to bed and sleep peacefully at night. One day while in the scrambling mode, he wanted me to stop and just give him a hug . i moved away before he could get close enough to hug me because I knew he just wanted a hug. Glancing over at his rejected look I said I am sorry,I just got to get all this stuff done” He said, stop fretting about all that stuff, I just need a hug!

    Not only did it make me realize how much he wanted and needed my love and attention, it also made me realize that’s probably how God feels too.

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