Lilly has a Boyfriend




Lilly has made a great friend, and he has also been her boyfriend for about 5 months.

Dustin (not his real name) is on the same residential campus as Lilly, but in a different building. Dustin has a disability as well, and behavioral issues, but he and Lilly are on the same level when it comes to shooting the breeze and having some fun.

They have been able to have “dates” on campus in a pavilion, where Lilly brings some pizza or snacks and they eat and talk for a couple hours and sometimes play  basketball.

Dustin has proposed to Lilly, and she said yes. Then she changed her mind. Lilly wonders how they could live without staff helping them, and also wonders if Dustin would be able to keep her safe. Pretty remarkable that she would consider such important things, huh?

You may have 20 questions right now, but this is beyond me…who would have thought? I doubt it could work out, but I don’t want to voice that to her. Better she reach that conclusion on her own. I just try to listen.

Lilly wants all the things that other young women want. She wants to work a job, drive a car, find love, etc. And she gets sooooo angry when she sees that life has dealt her an unfair hand when it comes to realizing her dreams.

When you think of Lilly, say a prayer for her.




  1. Trish says:

    My heart breaks for Lilly. All little girls dream of their forever mate but at least she gets to date. I pray she and Dustin make memories to last a lifetime. Thank you for sharing and reminding us all to be grateful for what God sets before us and lift those who need a little prayer .

  2. Jane E Hake says:

    I read this and thought about it for quite a while. I realize she wants what everyone else has in their life, I mean we all do. But everyone has to deal with not getting what they want. Even though he proposed do they actually have any idea what marriage is like? Maybe this is all they need companionship, fun and romance. She might just be content with that. I guess time will tell.

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