Lilly ‘s Good Example

I find it amazing that Lilly , who has experienced atrocious abuse and hurt, generously gives people the benefit-of-the-doubt.

Yesterday, she and I were talking, and she expressed some annoyance toward the peer group that she is around everyday.

“I know Carl’s had it rough, and I shouldn’t get mad at him, and Mandy gets on my nerves, but she’s had a hard life. All these people have their problems. I try to stay cool, but it’s hard. (Pause) Hey . . .  I’ve had a hard life, too.”

Lilly said that like it had only just occurred to her. Isn’t it wonderful that she can see the needs and limitations of others, and express some patience and empathy?

Love that girl! -Nealie


  1. SHERREE says:

    Lilly once expressed to me how she wanted to be a nurse and take care of others. Sounds like she is doing a good job! God bless her.

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