Need a Vacation?


If you are fatigued from the demands of caring for special needs children, you must catch a break at some point. Respites are for that purpose, so use them if you are lucky enough to have them!

If you don’t have respites available, try to get away for a few hours to recharge, by asking a spouse or family to spell you. Don’t suffer in silence. You could switch off for several hours at a time with another family who has a special needs child.

When you need a vacation and it just isn’t going to happen, pull a chair up to a window where the sun is shining in, and soak in some sunshine with coffee and a book. Or simply close your eyes for ten minutes while you’re sitting near the window. Sunshine is healing.

Reduce time on social media if you can. Texting and gaming are drains.  Connect directly with a friend by talking on the phone or meeting in person.

And don’t forget prayer and meditation. There’s a strength and refreshing that comes in those quiet moments. 😎  -Nealie  


  1. Sherree Rummer says:

    I would love to go on vacation to a place called Solitude. It is a place where my creativity flows. It’s a place where I open drawers or cupboards in my home that need cleaned out. It’s a place where I can reminisce about the people I love, and why I love them so much, and causes me to love them more. It’s a place where I can concentrate on taking better care of myself. It’s a place where I could read a book and actually finish it without any interruptions. It’s a place where I can get closer to God. Solitude, oh how I yearn to visit you.

  2. Cookie says:

    Reading is my favorite type of mini vacation. It takes your mind off of everything else going on around you. I usually drink my tea instead of coffee 🙂 ☕️

    • NealieRose says:

      Hi Cookie, I drink iced coffee in the morning, and iced tea the rest of the day, so I am mostly a tea girl. 🙂

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