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Chasing Lilly Book
Temporary cover for Chasing Lilly

Wishing you a peaceful and blessed day. It will be a quiet one for me. After all those crazy years of Reactive Attachment Disorder, I enjoy these when they come. If you are in the middle of tough times, be patient, and keep loving.

I posted another chapter of Chasing Lilly on Facebook today, and you can read it if you click on the  link.

Would you be willing to send an email to me with a comment for a book review? I would appreciate it so much! Add my email address to your list of contacts and then send me your review.  Thank you!  -Nealie

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  1. sherree rummer says:

    I am not a writer so I will try to express this the way I see it. This is the “Helen Keller” story book of reactive detachment disorder. This is a movie of your lives that I watched 1st hand that amazed me with the patience, dedication, love and work you put into this child. I have always seen you as the teacher breaking more ground than any of the professionals that were trying to consult you about her condition. I wish everyone could see the movie that I witnessed first hand in real life. It would crack you up till your falling off your chair and would also bring your heart to tears. This is a MUST SEE, only problem is, it’s not in movie form, you have to read it all in a book.

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