New Letter From Lilly

letter-from-LillyA letter came yesterday. 🙂 Lilly usually sees me every week, but we still exchange notes by mail.

This one says:

hey mommy was up with you this cold day?

I miss you alot.

my heart is Broking Becuuse I am not with you

you are my Life my world

you are aveything to me.

Fly Little Brid Fly

Let you win Fly.

You are the Best mom.

(Lilly’s notes convey what’s in her heart in a beautiful way.)

She’s had quite an eventful year. That in itself could be a book, but I’m not going there, lol! I think I’m going to vent about “The System” soon, though. It has failed Lilly miserably. My struggle is in keeping her protected and out of view when I talk about what goes on with a daughter like Lilly. The story needs told, and at the same time her privacy needs protected.

I wonder why we have nobody high up in government with a kid like Lilly. If there was someone like that, there would be change. Having a kid like Lilly, though, is enough to consume your life and render a person unable to think about a life in government. In other words, if you had a child like Lilly, you would not be able to seek an office. The police in your drive every month would result in the news outlets decaring you a bad parent and unfit for office. Scandalous!

-Nealie 😯