Noodles and Oodles of Updates

Gray and white rescued kitten named Noodles
Noodles one week later


Noodles is eating and eating . . . then sleeping, and sleeping some more.  The nose bites are healing, and the vet said he weighs four and a half pounds.  Not for long, though.  He loves mesquite BBQ potato chips -not just the coating -all of the chip!  

Chasing Lilly is done being edited, and I’m putting out some feelers. I’m posting a new chapter on fb each Monday, but taking one earlier chapter off when I do. The Prologue and some beginning chapters are on fb, and if you scroll down you will see them. 

The ZBook, Grandpa When, and Bella the Dancing Beetle (for kids) are tentatively going to be official ebooks before the end of August.  Once I get this “production” thing down, more are coming! After working for four years on Chasing Lilly, these short works are so fun and easy.

                                                                                                                                           -Nealie 😛