Okey’s Promise

“Some say that domestic violence and child abuse are more important concerns to address than the needs of animals. Here is the truth.  When animals are suffering in society, children are too. When there is violence to animals, there is likely violence to children and others who may be defenseless.” ~ Artist BZTAT

Okey's Promise
This is a picture of Okey. It was painted by artist BZ TAT

Okey’s Promise, named for a small rescued cat, is a public art initiative designed to create awareness about the connections between animal maltreatment, child abuse and domestic violence. It’s purpose is to create public artworks to bring the awareness to a national and global audience. (Watch the video for the first project that explains the genesis of Okey’s Promise.”

That was written by artist BZTAT.  She is absolutely right about the connection between violence to children and violence to pets. We saw that in Lilly’s life in Chasing Lilly.

Early interventions are needed to protect these children, pets, and society, as these children grow and mature into people who may be a danger to those around them.