Ouch, Ouch.

Hi Readers! I used to sew cute outfits for my kids when they were little. I remember making a jumpsuit for Joy and putting it on her over a long-sleeved shirt that matched. She was about 11 months old, and sure looked cute in it.

It turned out to be a particularly difficult day, because she cried and fussed for hours. I could not figure out what was wrong. I checked her diaper, took her temperature, gave her gas medicine, etc.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how adorable a child looks, if they won’t stop the fussing you feel like going crazy. Finally, at the end of an extremely long day, I undressed Joy to get her ready for bed. I was shocked to see bright red scratches on the top of each shoulder. I had forgotten to take the straight-pins out of the inside straps when I sewed the jumpsuit! Poor little Joy had endured pins jabbing her all day, and I had no idea. I felt so bad!

When you are going about your life this week and run into someone who is uncharacteristically fussy or or not quite themselves, be patient with them. They may have some unseen scratches that we will never know about. That goes for our children as well, because we don’t know what they may have faced on the playground or an embarrassment that may have happened at school.┬á ­čĺí ┬áNealie