Parenting with Love and Logic

We  had some strange trials and tribulations as parents way before Lilly came to live with us. When Joy was barely thirteen, she took a twelve-year-old friend joy-riding (ha-ha) in our Toyota one night. Thankfully, they arrived back at our house safely -and were found out.

I am not sure why it is a reason to smile now, because it sure wasn’t then. Joy paid dearly for that misstep, because the parents of her best friend decided that Joy was probably a bad influence on their daughter, and broke off the friendship. The Toyota ride didn’t kill Joy, but that about did.

Life deals some severe consequences at times. I wish we had heard of Parenting with Love and Logic before we became parents, because it is so refreshing and, well, logical. It is a great resource, and I can’t say enough about it. If you need to feel more secure in your parenting, or if you need ideas to be a better and more effective parent or grandparent, then you need to read or listen to some of the Love and Logic materials. 🙂 Nealie


  1. helena phillips says:

    I remember my own teen years, as well as well as my siblings, and later my children and grand children! And great grandchildren. It surely is a time for love and understanding.

    • NealieRose says:

      Thank you for your comment. It’s hard when you are in the middle of it, sometimes to get things right in the parenting department. 🙂

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