Play-Dough Volcanoes

Volcanoes (age 4-10)   Try it this weekend!                                                                                                      Volcano picture    First, get out the Play-Dough and let the kids have their normal fun with it. When they begin to wind down, have them make mountains out of some of the dough. (It will have to be tossed out when you are done.) Place the mountains on a tray to catch the “lava.”

Pour baking soda into the hollow place.

Add vinegar, and watch it overflow. Give them some soda and vinegar to try it a few more times.

I’ve done this with two grandchildren about half a dozen times, and it is still requested when the Play-Dough comes out of the cupboard.

It’s not much trouble, and the kids really like it. Have a great weekend! -Nealie



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