Please Somebody, Let’s Change This Up!


I don’t remember school fundraisers where teachers were duct-taped to the wall when my kids were in school.

These days, if a student takes a dollar to school, he gets one strip of duct tape to use on the teacher. Two dollars buys two strips, etc. It seems like pretty harmless fun.

But it’s not!

When I watched this happen a few months ago, one young adopted Asian girl was crying, and it occurred to me that some students might not be able to process what was taking place. They might be the youngest kids, the special needs, adopted, and/or trauma kids.

Lilly, for example would have gone ballistic if she’d seen it. I just know, because she was tied up when she was little, and she remembers.

I think even now in her twenties, she would have a hard time with it, because although it is not technically abusive, it could be perceived that way and trigger certain emotions.

This could also apply to a child that endures unreported abuse at home. This “duct-taping to a wall” activity could ruin the day for them. Completely. And it needs to stop.

So should schools quit the teacher-taping fun? Yes. Besides the trauma aspect, I feel it also borders on disrespect toward those in authority.

Why not see how big a “duct tape ball” could be made instead?

Break a record, not a heart.




    • NealieRose says:

      Hi Sherree, This is my way of getting the word out. I hope it spreads and this gets changed.Thank you!

  1. Karla Valentine says:

    I totally agree this is not a good idea. This to me is a disrespectful way to behave toward anyone in a position of authority.

    • NealieRose says:

      I agree with you! The kids have full control as they tape over body parts and it has got to be humiliating . 🙁 Spread the word, Karla. Thanks!

  2. Beth Reda says:

    I thought you were kidding at first… they really do this at schools? I understand their motives are right but where is the wisdom?

    • NealieRose says:

      Thanks for your comment, Beth! Yes, this is a yearly fund-raiser locally in the Elementary school. 🙁

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