Poison Itchy


Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy

If you don’t see this and watch out, then you may be too miserable to read, and we can’t have that.

In case you don’t know what poison ivy looks like, here is some that I found in my yard. It can grow up a tree as a vine, or grow like a small plant out of the ground.

I put a plastic grocery bag over my hand to pull it, then turn the bag inside-out as I remove my hand from the bag. Knot the top and you haven’t touched it. Not a good idea to use garden gloves because the oil from the plant gets on them, and anything the gloves might touch afterward. Love you too much to see you suffer.  🙁  -Nealie



  1. helena phillips says:

    I’ve had my battles with that poison ivy–the first year we were here. But since then I don’t seem to succumb to it. I even pull it with my bare hands. But am careful to wash them good afterward.

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