I lost my father yesterday. I knew it was coming and was prepared as much as anyone could be.

And so Lilly lost a grandfather. She was not super close to him because she was in and out of so many “places” over the years, and that made visiting difficult. But, he was her grandfather in this family, and there was a connection…two ornery people. 🙂

She will have to be told soon, but I hesitate to pick up the phone and tell her.

Lilly has lost probably over a hundred people over the years. Her bio parents, many foster parents, bio and foster siblings, favorite caregivers and caseworkers, and the special therapists…

A few have died. Others came and went with the many placements. Such loss, yet Lilly gives back in the small ways she can. Like a picture she colored, a Kit Kat candy bar, or a phone call with words of encouragement. Lilly is exceptionally giving, which is really something for someone who has lost so much.

I’m going to call her soon. Please say a prayer for her.