Santa, Can You Afford This?

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Hi Readers,

Today I spent over six hours sorting through papers to organize Lilly’s past few years of living. That’s a lot of papers! I totaled up thirty-six times that she has been moved since she was 3 years old.

Thirty-six. Makes you want to cry, doesn’t it?

Lilly doesn’t do well in the community. Never has. That’s why she’s had to move so many times. Lilly needs a residential facility where she can live, work at simple jobs, and leave to go on (earned) outings. They are kind of like little cities, and they serve a need.

The problem is the cost. In Chasing Lilly, I mention that they cost over $200 a day, but inflation has changed that to almost $600 A DAY! No wonder Lilly has to be a repeated danger to herself or others to be admitted. Nobody is willing to foot that bill, so it’s always the last resort. And it’s always temporary.

Santa, we really need more of these places to open, and more people to be able to utilize them. There has to be a way to bring costs down and make them an actual place to live long-term.

Get your red thinking cap on.




  1. Kendra McKenzie says:

    I am definitely thinking…. the need is so great and oh the benefits for our loved ones in need of a place to belong

    • NealieRose says:

      Hi Kendra, Place after place has closed down in our state. Two places I can think of were for violent and disturbed children. Maybe it’s the liability issues?

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