Shower Power

spools of threadI was looking back through one of my forty-plus diaries today, and never cease to be amused at all the stuff I recorded. The memories rush back, and I wonder how this or that could have been forgotten.

Today I read that at eight, Lilly would play on one side of the basement, while I exercised on the other side for about forty-five minutes every day. I had more energy back then. When it was time for my shower, I would put her in her room, shut the door, and then place a spool of thread on top of the outside doorknob.

If Lilly tried to leave her room, the spool of thread would drop, and I’d know that she had sneaked out to  “roam and pillage.” It happened many times before the thread idea.

Of course, if I was in the shower, what could I have done to stop her? But she seemed afraid of the spool dropping, (as if I had set a grenade on her doorknob), so it worked for me.

So, parents of little kids, get out the mighty spool of thread, and let those kids gaze at it while you explain its power. Then go take a shower.  🙂 Nealie