Skunk Days


The little guy in the photo is really cute, but four people I know (including Lilly) have had really bad skunk adventures. This kind of stuff is hard to forget because it gives me shivers!

Carol’s Dachshund  was sprayed and ran into her house, straight for the master bedroom, hid under the bed and wouldn’t come out… Wow.

Jackie’s dog was sprayed (for a second time) and got into the house and putrefied it. She asked if she smelled like a skunk when we saw her. (Well…)

Debb’s dog didn’t get sprayed but killed a skunk last week. Very sad for the skunk, but it was amazing her dog wasn’t sprayed.

Then there’s Lilly’s story. Here’s an excerpt from Chasing Lilly:

“One day Lilly noticed a skunk at the edge of the woods. She didn’t include skunks in her group of friends and took off out the door after it. She scooped up a stick and pursued the evil beast as fast as she could. Lilly later recounted the skunk didn’t react until she whacked it with the stick and shouted, “Get out of here, you devil!”

As soon as it sprayed her, she yelled some more and dropped the stick and ran fast toward the Blair houses. She tried the door of the first house she came to, and it opened.

“Lilly –whoa!” The door slammed shut in her face.

She ran to the next door and they wouldn’t let her in, either.

The third door was her own house, and they decided to let her in –probably after thinking about what could happen to them if they didn’t.”

Lilly and I were laughing about that the other day. (She’s doing really well at the government-run residential center.)

Have a skunk-free day! 🙂