Stay Beside Me, Part 2

The next day, I never mentioned the rule to stay beside me. We got out of the car, and from the time we walked into the Stay Beside Me store, he watched my every move. If I took a step, he took a step. If I stopped, he stopped! That was more than I expected, so he had obviously learned his lesson.

Too many times, parents and grandparents stop short of actually teaching a lesson, because lessons take time, and sometimes they aren’t fun to teach.

When we got to the wall of toys, he picked out a soldier’s shield and his smile was something else. He had done it!

Later on that afternoon, I did a forty five minute summer-school session with him, and when he was done, he put on his shield and came up to me.

He said, “I am the knight! You know who you are?”

Hoping that I was the adored princess, I responded, “Who?”

“The dragon!”

(Thanks, Tommy …)

Love my readers, Nealie