Stay Calm . . .Uh, I’m Trying!

I remember calling a friend once, and her little girl answered the phone. I asked if I could speak to her mommy, but the child responded, “No. She sitting on the potty.”

Even after all these years, I still never know what Lilly is going to say. Truthfully, it scares me sometimes. She can say something so sweet about me, and when that happens, relief sweeps over me and I can breathe again. Or she can say something about me that is totally unexpected, and whether or not it is actually true, it settles down into the minds of those who heard it, and they make their own assumptions.

If something is really off-base, and I feel totally misrepresented, I will take it up with her -usually in private. The neat thing about Lilly is that she will admit when she is wrong and apologize. For example:

We are at a store, and Lilly sees a woman straighten out her unruly child.

“Hey, you do what you gotta do. My mom here, she don’t take no crap from me. No -she’d kick my you-know-what if I did that!”

I look at Lilly, horrified.

“Oh, I’m sorry Mom. I should watch my mouth around little kids. But I didn’t SAY the word.”

No mention that I don’t ever kick her whatever.

The mother looks carefully at me. (Well she should, because I am capable of violence. Just ask Lilly.)

I am staying calm . . .I am trying!   😥 Nealie


  1. sherree rummer says:

    It is my hope that everyone can see through anything she may say and see that you are a very loving mom despite what she may say.

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