Sunshine in a Bottle

Over the summer, I had a favorite frangrance called LIVE FRESH -Seaside Breeze. (Bath & Body Works) Doesn’t that sound amazing? It was. Unfortunately it was discontinued. So there went fresh living. 🙁


love-and-sunshine-nealie-roseThen Bruce found LOVE & SUNSHINE for me. Smells entirely different, but who doesn’t like love and sunshine?



liquid-sunshine-nealie-roseOn a particularly gloomy day, I found LIQUID SUNSHINE! Pour it on, baby, yes, yes, yes. When will spring be here, anyway?



get-happy-nealie-roseGranddaughter, Ari, had the crankies a few days ago. I grabbed this bottle and threatened to smear GET HAPPY all over her. 🙂 She slowly backed away and got happy!



Wouldn’t it be great if there was a bottle of something for every situation? Imagine how big my purse would be then!  Love my readers, -Nealie