Tag! You’re Diabetes!

the green monster

Kind of a scary sculpture, but Tommy likes sharing his creations with people.  🙂

His mom, Joy, recently asked if I could get Tommy off his bus at the bus stop up the street from their house. After he put his book bag away, I asked him if he had a good day. He announced that he  had an “outstanding” rating from the teacher.  I also asked him who he played with at recess.

“Sergio,” he replied. “We played Diabetes!”

“Uh, what did you play?”

“We played Diabetes. The person who is Diabetes is “IT,” and he chases other people until he catches one, and then they are Diabetes.”

I explained that diabetes was  a health problem that some kids had, and he needed to go back to saying, “Tag! You’re it!”

After school is out for the day, we parents or grandparents need to find out a few things:

How was it? Give a 1-10 scale, or offer three words that help describe it, like great, awful, ordinary.

Who did you play with today? What did you play?

Mix the questions up  and don’t make them the same old after-school drill. Include something of your childhood recess or problems from time to time.

Boys will give shorter answers than girls, but try to engage them soon after they’re home, so if they have had a stressful day or a problem you can work through it.

And please see if your kid has homework. I volunteer at a school for an hour or so each week, and the kids that I work with are the kids who don’t have support with their homework at home. So sad!



  1. Sherree Rummer says:

    Love Tommy’s sculpture !
    I like the suggestion of using the scale of feelings of one to ten. I don’t have grandkids near by so I think I’ll use it as a communication tool for my husband and I.

  2. Jamie Jo says:

    Back in Guatemala I heard our boys out on the playground running from whoever had cholera! Same game, different “it.” Haha. Boys….

    • NealieRose says:

      Thanks for sharing that, Jamie! Maybe it is a boy thing. But wait, “Koodies or Coodies” just came to mind, and THAT sounds like a girl thing, lol!

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