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Hi Friends and Readers!

Hi Friends and Readers!       

The ZBook/Copyright 2014NealieRose
The ZBook by Nealie Rose Copyright 2014

Welcome to the new website of Nealie Rose.  I will be talking here about Chasing Lilly, but there will also be other things that may surprise you.  Chasing Lilly is the big project, but I also have lots of other projects that are fun for me, and I hope that you will enjoy them. 

If you want more of Chasing Lilly, it’s coming.  Some new possibilities have opened, and it may take longer than planned, but it will happen.  Thanks for staying with me!

Just this past weekend, my nine year-old granddaughter, Arianna, did fifteen illustrations for a kids’ ebook that should be available sometime in August.  She has such an imagination, and was the perfect artist for the story.  I had to keep prompting her to draw, because it’s hard to sit still when you are that age.

To break things up and keep her motivated, there were “carrots” to urge her on, like a couple in-house treasure hunts and a trip to the Goodwill to shop.

At the end of two days and loads of paper and lots of mess, the pictures were done, and I think I was more tired than Arianna!