Take a Guess!

penWhat does this look like to you? Make sure to comment the first thing that came to mind if you have the time. 🙂

I have acquired a cat that has issues. Remember the blog from this summer when we found a dying kitten at a park?  Noodles is now strong and healthy after six months of good care. He has issues with biting things (not people). You usually think of cats scratching, but not him. Noodles methodically  punctures. What you were looking at was yet another ball point pen that literally bit the dust!

When we have children come into our homes, and they come from trauma and neglect, they will have issues. But just like with Noodles, good care and love can go a long way in restoring them to health. Be patient and kind and help them to heal.  🙂 Nealie




  1. Diane says:

    Hi Nealie! It looks like a totem pole to me. Ha
    May your new kitty recover well as you love and nurture him back to health

    Love – to touch a living breathing soul in the womb with kindness assurance and peace that they will live

    Those often considered less than not worth caring about need you!

    Diane Lemyre

  2. helena phillips says:

    My vision is not good, even after the identification , I had a hard time making out the picture to be a pen
    We should not be so quick to pass judgment.

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