Thanksgiving Craft!

This is something fun to do with the kids, and you will enjoy it, too.

Go for a walk with the intention of looking for pretty leavesleaf craft. Don’t forget to check out bushes if there aren’t many trees around. If you live in an area that has no fall foliage, then use ordinary leaves -just find different shapes for variety.

Collect about a dozen if you are doing a picture like the one a granddaughter and I worked on together. Press them for a few days between the pages of a book. Once they are totally flat, they make wonderful decorations to add to a picture.(Click on the photo to enlarge for detail.)

Or, if you’d rather, spread the pressed leaves across the Thanksgiving table. They won’t get in the way, like most decorations.

We used crayons, a glue stick, and  tried clear Elmer’s glue, which when liberally applied makes the picture look wet, like it rained. But you can use any glue you have on hand.

When you sit down to enjoy your meal, both you and the kids will remember the nice time spent gathering them.  💡 Nealie