Below you will find the first chapter of The Skatepark Kidnapping, the second in the Revel Street series:

Skateark Kidnapping by Author Nealie Rose


The story begins the day after the end of The Portal in the Attic…

“Detective Golden called and said to be sure to read today’s newspaper, because there’s something in it about last night,” Mom said.

Samantha Larson shot out of her kitchen chair. “I’ll check!” She hurried to the office off the kitchen. Detective Golden was handling the case about Gerald McIntyre, the man who was arrested for breaking into their house yesterday. She had a cut and a bruise where McIntyre hit her across the face.

Samantha and her 17 year-old sister, Laura, were shoulder-to-shoulder as they stared at the biggest headline of the online Kokomo News:

Young Heir to BCB Plastics Missing

Samantha exclaimed, “What? I thought this was about what happened to us?”

Laura’s brows wrinkled as she read, Mason Smythe, age 11, of Muncie, Indiana disappeared around 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning. The son of Edward and Roberta Smythe, owners of BCB Plastics Corporation, was last seen when his mother dropped him off at Breeze Skatepark in Upland. It was reported he was seen getting into a black Honda CRV in the parking lot. Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Mason, please call the Muncie Police department at 765-747-5848, or the FBI at 202-324-3000.

Samantha said, “That’s awful. That’s the skatepark I want to go to. Do you think someone helped him run away?”

Laura answered, “Probably, but if the FBI’s involved, maybe they think he was kidnapped. Look, here’s our story at the bottom of the page . . .”

Local Family Attacked by Ex Con

Zeke and Jay Munro of 2212 Revel St. came to the aid of Samantha and Laura Larson of 2214 Revel St. Nobody was seriously harmed. Parolee Gerald McIntyre has been charged with two counts of kidnapping, assault, felony hand gun violation, and breaking and entering at 2214 Revel Street, Kokomo. McIntyre previously served time in Indiana State Prison for bank robbery and murder. He has been out of prison less than a year. Detective Al Golden of the Kokomo Police stated that more charges may follow, but could not elaborate at this stage of the investigation.

Samantha said, “That’s it? This doesn’t say anything about the $10,000 reward. Zeke and Jay have to get it if it’s still there.”

Laura added, “I hate to think what would have happened to us.”


Next door, Jay and Zeke Munro, 13 and 15, couldn’t talk about anything but what happened the previous night.

Jay sat in Zeke’s room on the floor with his back to a wall. “I could tell Mom and Dad didn’t want to go to work today. Dad was yawning like crazy.”

Zeke had his back against the headboard on his bed and his legs stretched out. “Can’t blame them. We were lucky to get to sleep in. Christmas break’s almost over, and what a break we’ve had! I feel like it’s been months, not a couple weeks.”

Jay wondered, “Do you think we’ll be popular when we get back to school? It was in the news this morning.”

Zeke said, “Really? What did it say?”

“Online news just had the basics, but it said we helped save Laura and Sam. And it made McIntyre sound like a real mean killer. Yeah, we’ll probably be school heroes.”

Zeke shook his head. “I bet nobody there even reads the news. We could’ve been shot, you know. Sam and Laura could be dead, too. Dad couldn’t say it last night because of Mom, but that dude shot four people point blank here at our house. He was seriously demented.”

Jay added, “And that bank teller. That’s five people. I don’t know how you did it –you know, going up there so fast to stop him. Weren’t you scared? Heck, I just followed you because I knew something was up. If I’d known what…”

“Are you saying you wouldn’t have followed me if you knew?” Zeke hadn’t stopped to think about Jay when he rushed to the attic.

Jay didn’t look at Zeke when he said, “Maybe not. I don’t know. I’ve always been kind of chicken. Not a dare-devil like you.”

“Listen, Jay, I’m older than you. I’m bigger than you. I’m the oldest. Those things may make me seem like some tough guy, but I get scared sometimes, too.”

“You don’t act like it.”

Zeke laughed, “You want to know something funny that scared me?”

“Yeah, sure.” Jay was all ears.

“Sam Larson scared me really bad when I first saw her in our attic. I acted angry. I thought I was angry, but maybe she scared me. Imagine being scared by little Sam.”

Jay stared at Zeke a little too long, and Zeke barked, “What?”

Jay responded, “She’s really cute.”

Zeke picked up a pillow and threw it hard at Jay on the floor. “I tell you something serious to make you feel better, and you gotta talk about girls.” He swung his legs off the bed and stomped to his closet for clothes. His phone rang.

It was Laura Larson. He said, “Hi. How are you and Sam?”

Laura said, “Sam’s face is kinda purple on one side, no concussion, and I’m sore, but we’re good! Thank you SO MUCH! Can you believe the bank money was found in our attic wall?”

Zeke asked, “Can we get together and talk? I mean, you and Sam were attacked by a murderer, and I broke his arm, but could we talk in person?”

Laura replied, “Sure. My parents came back from their trip late last night, so can we meet at your house?”

Zeke answered, “Not a good idea. Mom and Dad both had to work today. They have rules.”

Laura said, “Okay. Since you’re not from around here, you might not know there’s a small Community Center that we could walk to. It has tables and vending machines. How about there?”

He said, “Great. Meet you outside in ten minutes.” Zeke turned to Jay and said, “Hurry and get dressed. And you don’t need to put on a bunch of smell-good.”

Jay jumped up and hurried off. “Just one shot of it. You’d be smart to use some, too.”

Zeke had to laugh after Jay ran out to get ready. Jay sure could irritate him, but he was glad he had him. I’m not telling him that, though.

The Skate Park Kidnapping by Author Nealie Rose

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