The Things We Wear

I was at the grocery store yesterday, pushing my cart down a congested canned-goods lane. I happened to see an older gentleman who was trapped by all the carts that women were trying to squeeze past him. I felt bad for him and apologized as I, too, maneuvered by.

He turned around cautiously, probably to see if he was free from danger, when I noticed the T-shirt that he had on. The front of it said, “Old Guys Rule.”

Not this time. He would have had better luck with, “FBI” or “I Can Bark Like A Dog.”

Tonight, I took four young grandchildren to church -a major accomplishment for anyone. Four clean, well-dressed children. I felt pretty good about it.

It was only on the way out that I saw that little Travis was wearing a pair of adult flip-flops.  🙂 Nealie



  1. Diane Lemyre says:

    How cute were those little feet in adult size flip flops
    So cute and funny at the same time
    Well praise God for Grandma who got them all to church however they got there
    Great job Grandma!

    • NealieRose says:

      Yep, you’re right, Diane! At least they got there. He looked like Froggy, the character tin the kid’s books. 🙂

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