There is a Huge Need

There is a huge need for foster parents. Before you skip this blog because you don’t want to be one, read on a minute.

Did you know that if you just go through the free classes to become a foster parent, you will have a broader world knowledge and experience than you had before?

Did you know that you can do that, and never have a child come live with you? You do not have to say yes when an agency calls with a need for a child to be placed. That may surprise you, but you can say yes or no, depending on the needs of your family.  

Did you know that all professionals who work with children get paid? Teachers, psychologists, pediatricians, and yes, foster parents. The income helps you feed, clothe, educate, and house the child. It is tax-free, unlike other professions’ pay.

Did you know that there is a support network that comes with each child in foster care?  You aren’t sent out to sea alone.  

Check out your local agencies, and call them, asking questions about fostering or go to their web sites.

And, if you just cannot foster, then give! You can volunteer to teach class, donate needed items, etc!

P.S. A great fostering agency in the town where I live now is Pathway Caring for Children, and they are in multiple counties.  -Nealie


  1. Sara Weirich says:

    Thank you for the info. I have come across families whom foster children and I have always had questions in the back of my mind as to how fostering works. I will take the time to look into this. I am also going to check out Pathway Caring for Children. I feel like my daughter and I could help out or donate to them. I have been looking for something in the community for us to help out with during the Christmas season (not that I will limit it to just then). Thank you Nealie!!

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