Happy Fourth!


July brings a memory with Lilly…

In Chasing Lilly, I wrote,

By the start of that first summer, Lilly had been with us about six weeks. Cold weather and spring rains kept most of the crazy incidents invisible to the neighborhood. I knew neighbors could see her when she was standing in the big picture window looking out, because they told me that she’d line up her small toys on the windowsill and frantically wave at every passing person who glanced her way. It was reported that she would give the middle finger to anyone going by who didn’t smile back at her!

There’s another July incident that I didn’t write about. (There are probably hundreds!) But Bruce and I had Lilly in the back seat on our way to an electronics store. We pulled into the parking lot and parked next to a car with a couple guys in it who appeared to be mad at us. Did we park too close?

Uh oh, they are coming over to my window….

I lowered the window and Bruce leaned over and gruffly said, “Can I help you?”

The bigger guy accused, “Your little girl there just flipped us off.”

Bruce sighed and said, “Okay, thanks.”

I raised my window and looked at him. So what were we supposed to do about that? She was about seven or eight years old, wasn’t raised by us, AND she knew she shouldn’t do it, BUT she always got a reaction when she did.

I doubt she knew what it was supposed to mean (and still doesn’t), but if something works well at getting people mad, she perfects it –even to this day. 🙂

It’s the same with certain words #*&%$#. Bottom line is whether it’s another driver or a little kid, don’t let a gesture or a word ruin your day. You can’t know what’s behind it. We just think we do.