Trauma Bear

“Brown Bear” has been six-year-old Tommy’s companion since he was tiny.

Brown Bear
Tommy’s Bear

Brown Bear is not a requirement for a good night’s sleep anymore, but he is still important to this boy.

A new dog in the family chewed off Brown Bear’s eyes and nose.

Tommy was sad and disappointed, but he didn’t love the bear any less.

We fixed up Brown Bear with buttons to replace the missing eyes and nose, and he looks different, but he is still HIM!

Like Brown Bear, there are children who have been traumatized and damaged.

Sometimes it’s not so obvious who they are, because unlike the bear, they still have their eyes and noses. The damage is hidden deep inside, but behaviors can be a giveaway.

Lying, stealing, aggression, fearfulness, disruptive behavior, depression, withdrawal, and poor grades are signs that some trauma may have occurred. Don’t brush these things off; instead, look a little deeper.