The Blizzard Story

Okay, the weather is beautiful -and frightening, again! I remember something that happened during a huge blizzard almost twenty years ago. Bruce more snowand I were looking for a home, and Sunday afternoons were open-house days when we would go and check out places. There was a house we wanted to see that particular Sunday, and we were excited about it!

The only problem was that a blizzard was raging, and temperatures were plunging. It was such a white-out, that we could hardly see to drive my Jeep down the deepening snow in the streets. Snow was falling so fast and heavy that a person was covered with snow before they walked fifty feet!

We could barely see the brick house through the white, and the “for sale” sign was almost buried in it. We parked on the street and trecked up the drive to a side door by the driveway. Bruce and I opened the door and went in, laughing and shaking snow from our shoulders and hats. We stomped our boots over and over on the rug by the door, and pulled off our coats.

Then we looked around the long and large kitchen that we had walked into, and saw a family of three, sitting at their dinner table, gaping at us! Evidently, the open-house had been cancelled because of the weather. Oops.

That’s how it is when you go into parenting (or foster and adoptive parenting). You laugh and try to see what’s up ahead, and it’s an adventure! Then you realize that what you have walked into is different than you expected.

That’s not all bad, though! In our case, we bought that lovely house, and lived there for ten years. And we have been enriched in many ways from fostering children -most of all, Lilly. So keep shaking off the blizzard that you may find yourself in, look for something to be thankful for, and believe in a big God! Happy Valentine’s Day! -Nealie




  1. Sarah Wank says:

    We foster-parenting short term with several teenagers , some we still hear from after so many years since they left our home. That does bring true satisfaction to know that we made a difference with God’s help fostering these teens when they needed love and people in their troubled lives to care about them.

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