Try One of These Backrubs

I don’t usually post this often, but with Christmas break happening, there’s been a lot of fun. I like to give “Weather Backrubs” to my grandkids, and thought I’d tell you how to do them.

Think of the weather and duplicate it on their back:

Sunshine is a circular motion in the center of the back (my fav).

Rain . . .drag your fingers gently down the back.

Thunder is a gentle palm-smack.

Wind -just brush your hand from side to side.

Sevryn (8), asked for a weather backrub today, and after the usual, he requested something new -an “earthquake.” I told him no, because it would knock him off the sofa, and he cackled like a crazy man. 🙂 Then he said that he was going to give ME a weather backrub, and I was so happy! How generous and caring of him… after 1 minute of his version, (Was it the the earthquake?), I had to tell him to stop the backrub, because I’d rather get run over by a reindeer, lol!

Best wishes for the New Year! -Nealie