Wasted Love?

When Torie was 15 and planning a trip to summer camp with her friends, I wanted to send her off with a ton of love. I baked one hundred and sixty cut-out sugar cookies, all decorated with different colored icing and sprinkles. They were in different fun shapes, and it took me two whole days to make them.

I carefully packed them into two big containers, and they were loaded in a lower outside compartment of the bus, with all the luggage. It made me happy to be able to do that for her.

When Torie got home at the end of the week, guess what I found out? The cookies weren’t removed from the storage compartment when they got to camp, and the bus had driven away with them. She didn’t get them back until camp was over, and she was on her way home in the same bus.

I could not believe that all that love and work had been wasted, and I was disappointed. But really, it wasn’t wasted. Just like with our Reactive Attachment Disorder kids who don’t accept our love, sometimes our love seems wasted, but we try. Over and over. As parents of these damaged children, we have to continue to provide proof of our love, only for it to sometimes take years for them to actually accept it. I am here to tell you the journey is worth it. Don’t give up! ➡ Nealie