Watermelon Makes Me Happy!

Talking Watermelon
This melon is talking to you!

One of my favorite foods in all the world is watermelon.  Lilly loves it, too. Many good memories happen around a bowl of those melon chunks. As a matter of fact, I will let you in on an unknown fact: I have six watermelons in my basement right now! When September comes, the stores sell them off, and replace the huge boxes with a lesser food -pumpkins. Sad for me, so I stock up to make summer last longer.

Last year was the first year I began doing that, and when I had accumulated five watermelons, Bruce asked me, “Are you going to give your sister one?”

“No. I want all my watermelons.”

Okay, I relented and gave one to her. I guess we need to share our treasures and spread the joy around.   😀 -Nealie

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