What a Difference a Bow Made

A pick-up truck parked near the road had been for sale for a while, but I never looked twice at it until a red bow was added to the windshield.

I found myself imaging giving that truck to Bruce for Christmas, and what a nice present it would be. Wait a minute. We did not need that truck. What was it about that bow that changed my thoughts?

I have heard that packaging is everything, and it might be true. Look what a difference that bow made!

I recently shared the Christmas story in Luke with some teen girls. One had never heard it before, and seemed awed. Me, too, every time I read it. That time, I noted that Jesus’s “packaging” was swaddling clothes, which were far from grand. The greatest gift ever given didn’t adhere to the “packaging is everything” rule.

But then, maybe yes. Who doesn’t love a baby?

Merry Christmas! Love my readers, Nealie