What is Your Territory?

Dunkin' in the window
Dunkin’ is overseeing his territory.

Many people get off track when it comes to keeping their priorities in order. What are  your priorities? Well, if you have a spouse and children, they should be high on the list, because they are your territory. One-on-one time with family is so important.

There are many people hurrying from one supposedly important activity or deadline to the next, only to have the deadlines and activities continually cycle, and never reach a stopping point where you can rest and enjoy those who matter.

You need to watch over your territory and see that it is cared for.  If that’s where you are, consider who you are leaving behind or shutting out to make time for these other things. If it is your spouse or children, better reconsider the path you are taking.

Territories are your home-base, your  family and those that you care deeply about. Guard them and don’t allow them to be cast aside in your pursuit of things that may seem important.  Life is short. Children are grown seemingly overnight.                                                                                                               -Nealie

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  1. Sara Weirich says:


    Once my husband is off to work and my daughter is safely off to school, I begin each day by doing my Devotions and sitting down to read your blog! Thanks for posting each day, I truly look forward to seeing what the next post will bring! Thank you for being so caring and awesome! Oh, and I PINned your site on to my – “My Heart <3" board on Pinterest:D Because you are very pinteresting:D


    Sara W.

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