What Kept Me Going

My seven-year-old grandson’s eyes were glued to his car window as we drove down the country road.

He suddenly pointed, “See that field? I fought a battle there once.”

“Oh, you did?” I glanced over at the grassy area alongside us.

“Yes,” he replied, and said nothing more.

I think that in his imagination, he really had fought a battle there.

It made me think of how many battles in my mind that I had fought.

I am frequently asked what kept me going when Lilly lived with us, and to be perfectly honest, it was my strong faith in God. I knew He had purposed for her to be with us, and that He would help us along the way.

I never questioned that. What I questioned was my ability, patience, the toll it might take, and when would I be done fighting the battle for her.

News flash . . . Still fighting, and I can say it with a smile. I have learned that some battles are for life, but the peace of God is the best victory, and that is something that I have.  ➡ Nealie





  1. Helena Phillips says:

    Things are possible and do-able when we know they are God assigned. Old age included.

  2. Karla Valentine says:

    Always good to hear the positive side of fighting the battle knowing with God we find the victory. Even if it is a Day to day victory!

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