What’s on Your Head?

I took a couple kids with me to visit Grandpa, who is 91, and we happened to arrive as a clown was performing for about a dozen assisted-living residents.

While the clown was doing his best to entertain the old folks, my grandson and granddaughter were enthralled with the close-up view of his antics.

He was wearing knee high socks, shorts with suspenders, a red ball nose, and a beanie-hat that had a little propeller spinning on top. I think it was the hat that caused my granddaughter to lean in and whisper to me, “That job would be so humiliating!”

I had to chuckle, because when I was Lilly’s foster mother, no beanie-hat with a propeller was needed for me to feel humiliated at times! She was always up to something while we were in public. (Remember the story about the check-out line at the grocery store? Ghastly!)

Be nice to people with propellers on their heads.  🙂 Nealie