When Life Has You By the Neck

If I can just get through this, life has to get better.

If I can just get through this surgery . .

If I can just get through the funeral . . .

If I can just get through these obligations . . .

If I can just get through . . .

When life has you by the neck, and each day is a struggle, how do you get through it?

A friend told me yesterday that she gets mad when people say to those struggling, “God will never give you more than you can bear.” She said that is not true, and that verse concerns temptation, not the burdens of life. She said that sometimes we do have more than we can bear, and that’s when, if we know God, we can say, “But for God . . ”

But for God’s help, I would have died.

But for God’s intervention, I would have lost hope.

But for God. He will give you the strength to get through the worst situations, which are impossible without Him.

When we were raising Lilly, we had days that were so traumatic and draining that we didn’t think we’d survive.

You may be in the middle of something that has emptied you of every ounce of energy and hope. Step back and put the situation in a very big hand, (after all, the earth is His footstool), and little by little there will be change enough to get through. It may not become perfect, or what you want it to become, but you will be able to breathe again. -Nealie










  1. Colette says:

    Great blog. I agree with your friend, and it has always irked me that people use that scripture that way. I also don’t understand how anyone can make it through life without having the Lord to lean on. I venture to say, most times He is ALL we have. With Him, no weapon formed against me (us) shall prevail. Amen

  2. SHERREE says:

    God sometimes puts us in situations that stretch us like one of those stretchy green Gumby dolls. Remember though, the greater the trials the greater the victory! Sometimes he gives us more than we can handle so we can give it to Him and watch Him fix it.

    • NealieRose says:

      Gumby is a great illustration. Hadn’t thought of him in many years. 🙂 Only he smiled no matter what. Can’t say the same about stretched humans, and I’ve been one of them! Thanks, Nealie

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