Which Way?

If you’ve read Chasing Lilly, you know that quite often we didn’t know what to do next, or which way to go with a game plan or consequence. You don’t have to have a special needs child to run into this.

I was reminded that life is sometimes being confusing when I pulled into a McDonald’s and saw their new “curbside pickup” sign pointing to the parking lot of another business.  I thought that was strange.

The next time I ran through the drive-thru to get iced tea, I saw they had changed the direction of the sign to point BACK behind the drive-through. Make up your minds, already, lol!

The third time, the sign pointed at the ground! It finally hit me what the problem was. The sign wasn’t achored right, and blew wherever the wind wanted.

You don’t want to be like that sign. So how do you get anchored? I can only speak for myself, but you look to the One who anchors the universe, and you pray. A lot. Supports like friends, family, therapists, teachers, etc., certainly figure in, but nothing like staying connected to God does.  Love my readers, -Nealie



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