Why Steve Jobs Didn’t Let His Kids Use iPads

What? Why would Steve Jobs (of all people) not let his kids use new technology? This short article is most enlightening. Hope you read it, and whether your kids are special-needs kids or not, I would love to hear your comments.  😉 Nealie


  1. Karla Valentine says:

    Very interesting article. I am guilty of letting my boys have time on the computer. Although, they are not allowed to play games that have no form of education. My one son got a chromebook to do school work and learning games.

    • NealieRose says:

      Schools seem to require computer use to get assignments, too, so there is no getting around it. The technology is here to stay, we just need to be careful how much access the kids have to it, because there is a whole beautiful world out there, waiting to be explored and played in. Thanks for sharing, Karla!

  2. sherree rummer says:

    Not to get a little off the subject but what ever happened to the simple baby-barbie doll and toy,cars, and truck thing. Seems like we as a society have all come to say yes to outrageous phone bills, t.v. bills and very high dollar Christmas gifts. We have taught our children these are normal bills to have and some low income households, when in a real pinch, would let their kids starve than to give up their cell phones. They seem to either ignore or have no clue that these are not necessities in life.
    I can play “I remember when” with this all day long but lets get real people. What is the next outrageous technology bill we will include in our budgets that we think we must have in order to survive.
    A few years back I read my grandma’s memoirs of how thankful she was to get an orange to eat on Christmas day. Sometimes I wonder if we all need pushed back into those times to see how much we are truly blessed and to become more thankful and appreciative of all that we have.
    I know I know,Stay Calm….Uh, I’m trying
    Happy Thanksgiving !!!

  3. Sarah Wank says:

    Sherree said it all!! At my age it’s hard to adjust to new technology and realize the importance of it. But it sure is nice and comforting to have my cell phone with me when I’m out by myself somewhere. It can be a big help to parents to keep track of their children when they need to know where they are, and when children need to contact them.

    • NealieRose says:

      Yes, technology can be great. There’s just the problem of how much to allow into your life. Thanks for the comment, 🙂 Nealie

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