Wisdom from a Seven-Year-Old

Seven-year-old Tommy knows a few things:

1. Don’t put restrictions on yourself. (“I want to be a policeman. I will need a suit and a badge and a hat. I also need an astronaut suit, because after I am done getting the bad guys, I will need a rocket to fly.”)

2. If you are chasing someone, know who it is. (“After David killed Goliath, his army chased all the Philippines.”)

3. Flattery works. (“I love your cooking. You are such a good cooker.”)

4. Cocoa is a requirement for happiness. (“I sure am cold. Hot cocoa sure would be a good idea. I love hot cocoa. Don’t make it hot, though. And don’t mix it together. And I need a straw. And do you have marshmallows? I want whipped cream, too. Cocoa sure would be a good idea.”)

5. Spiky hair is a must. (I need that mousse everyday in my hair. Do you think it looks good? I like it!”)

Summary: Get the necessary career suit, spike your hair, grab a cocoa, say some nice words, and chase the (correct) bad guys!

Love my readers, 😛 Nealie



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