Worms Take a Ride!

Last week, a little grandson found two worms in our backyard, and we put them in a cup of dirt. After a while, he ditched the cup and gave them a ride on the back of his plastic fire truck.

His mother wouldn’t let them go home with him, so they went back in the cup and had to stay here at our house.

A few days later, I picked him up and was driving to my house for a play date. From the back came, “I am the stepfather, and my two worms are my sons.”

“Your sons?”

“Yes, and I am the step father. I am going to take them for a ride in a dump truck.”

I bet they can’t wait.

This is the same kid who once said, (also from the back seat), “Travis woke up his father a week early.”

I could not get that out of my head, and so I wrote a little story about a bear named Travis, and his dilemma waking his father before hibernation ends. Of course, I called it Travis Woke Up His Father a Week Early.

Anyone out there want to share something interesting that came out of a child’s mouth? Love those kids!  – Nealie



  1. Violetta Gammon says:

    I love stories about worms taking a ride. How fascinating, Neale Rose! I have a story. A grandson who’s name starts with L rode to church with us as a toddler, demanding to hold my huge heavy Bible and would not let me take it at all. Got to the sanctuary and he still held on to the huge Bible. As we sat in the service, I began to smell something gastly ugly! I thought some of my pew neighbors “smelled” – sorry to say. As the odor got stronger, I whiffed the Bible being opened. He had a smashed dead frog inside the Bible, and it was staining some of the pages. I ask him why did he put it in there? He replied so confidently, “People always put things they want to keep in their Bible.” So the very thing that he loved and wished to keep was in a very safe place. It brings smiles to my face even now. VLG

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